The Awaited One

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The Messengers - Book 8

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The Messengers

The Messengers - Book 1

Book 9 - Concept Conundrum

An influential group of Peaceville citizens return home after spending years abroad...
The difference in their ideological and social beliefs cause many problems...
Is this issue as simple as it looks??? 

Book 6 - Respite after Spite

 Dealing with external issues is an easier task.

What if the adversary lies within?

The Messengers - Book 7

Book 10 - The Real Me...

Samir is no longer the man he used to be. His family, elders, workers and team mates can’t understand why this change has taken place. All they know is that they wish it hadn’t. What’s going on with the secret superhero?

The Messengers - Book 10 - The Real Me

Book 2 - Superhero at play!

Playing a vigilante, father, and businessman was manageable. But what happens when the villain threatens the whole city? This may be a good time to call in some help! 

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Book 8 - Magnetic Muddle!

Life is a big mess for a young man with  strange skills. For him, it's downright scary. But for the team, it's deja vu.

Here we go again!

The Messengers - Book 9 - Concept Conundrum

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Book 4 - Little things .... Big Impact!

When smooth and slick creditors threaten to bankrupt everyone in the city, Samir and his friends must step up their game.

How will they unravel the solution to this mysterious problem?

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Book 5 - Peek a Boo! I see you!

Some sneaky spies have sought out the team for a price. Once more, Samir and his friends are in a whirl with a new adventure; that may involve a few familiar faces...

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The Messengers - Book 6

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Book 3 - Are there more like me?

Someone has managed to piece together the puzzle. With his identity compromised, Samir must rely on those around him to help find this mysterious individual. What they don't know is that this person has a few secrets of his own...

The Messengers - Book 4
The Messengers - Book 2

Book 7 - Sugarcoated Evil

Sugar and spice,

And everything nice,

That's what this villain's made of!

The Messengers - Book 3

Book 1 - Superhero or Superhuman?

Samir is a young, rich businessman whose life is flipped upside down when a simple pastime grants him strange powers...

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The Messengers - Book 5